Mohammed Muigai LLP

Consultancy & Legal Advisory Practice

An enviable team of extremely networked individuals both in and out of the court room

Our long-standing industry experience as well as the diverse clientele has enabled us to acquire knowledge and acute understanding of our commercial environment to provide our clients with legal advisory and consultancy services across a variety of sectors. 

We understand that legal and institutional reform is an important component of any government agenda especially in remodeling and integrating legislation in order to promote the development of a sector. In addition, the private sector will often seek to understand or participate in the legislative process and require legal advice to achieve this. We meet these needs by advising government, donors and private organisations. 

We also provide substantive and exhaustive Legal Audits that yield practical proposals and solutions to an array of clients operating in different sectors. We have had experience in conducting Audits for a wide range of entities including; State Corporations, Regulatory Authorities, Financial Institutions and Telecommunication Companies. 

We have adopted a classical approach that ensures we have clear understanding of the policy behind proposed reforms and its translation into legislation. By appreciating the interests at play, identifying relevant stakeholders and allocating appropriate resources to the project we find that our approach assists us to attain project objectives effectively and efficiently.  

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Wanjiru Ngige

Head of Consultancy & Legal Advisory



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